Giving you a warm welcome to Holland

A Dutch local who is welcoming you at your arrival. Introducing you to the country.
Answering your practical questions. With exactly the information you asked for.
Now THAT would be a different start of your stay in Holland !
A welcome that can include an airport pickup, and guiding you to your accommodation. Possibly using public transportation, to make you familiar with the system.


Here are the ingredients, make your own menu :

  • Day of arrival :
    a hearty welcome, escorting you to your accommodation, basic introduction and information. Not too lengthy, because you will probably be tired.
    As we will have conferred in advance, whatever you asked for can be ready and available for you right away.
  • The next day :
    over a cup of coffee or tea, a practical introduction of Holland, tips and suggestions that will for sure make you feel at home in no time at all.
    With a short reconnaissance walk in town. Or a longer tour of a couple of hours, to have a taste of the city, and backgrounds of history and culture of the Netherlands.
  • Accommodation :
    for booking a common hotel in Amsterdam, you don't need me. If you're looking for something special, I may have suggestions.
    Like an apartment or cute little house in an old town in the direct vicinity of crowded Amsterdam, with fast and frequent train connections. Or something in the countryside, be it a cottage or in a stately mansion. Or on a boat. Lots of possibilities that are less obvious.
  • Transportation :
    All public transport (train, bus, tram, metro) in Holland nowadays goes with plastic, with the so called "OV-chip" card. You have to buy and charge it in advance.
    I can have "OV-chip" cards ready for you at arrival, and explain how it all works.
    Feeling comfortable with the Dutch public transport will benefit your stay greatly.
    See official website OV-chip card.

All preparation and assistance can be charged by the hour. Please send a mail for rates and personalized possibilities.
Also bear in mind that you will now have a knowledgeable local, sort of safety net, in case you need advice later during your stay.

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