Rembrandt Walk.

Follow Rembrandt's trail in Amsterdam. A half day private guided tour. Or discover his two cities, Leiden and Amsterdam. A full day programme. Leiden is the place where Rembrandt was born, grew up, and became a painter.
A lovely town where much of the 17th century centre remained intact.
As many spots Rembrandt saw are still there, you can feel the pulse of his era. With some imagination, and the appropriate information. For an impression see Leiden in pictures. For history backgrounds see Leiden history. Leiden In Amsterdam was the money and the power. So that's where young ambitious Rembrandt went, and spend the rest of his life.
A brilliant career at first. Later personal tragedy and financial problems. For an impression of the city, see Amsterdam pictures. For history backgrounds see Amsterdam history. Amsterdam All Rembrandt tours will pass by Rembrandt House in Amsterdam, his magnificent home and studio during the years of success. If you plan to visit more museums in the Netherlands, consider the advantages of a Museum Card. Valid in all major museums throughout the country. A Museum Card can be purchased at the Rembrandt House (or any other major museum), and you can use it right away. Where we start.
Most people will have accommodation in the centre of Amsterdam. In that case meeting you at your hotel or at Amsterdam central station is an option. If we also visit Leiden, we'll make the 1/2 hour train ride together, and use this time to prepare your personalised walk. If you want, I can arrange train tickets for you. We can of course also meet in Leiden for a history and heritage walk there. flyer history walks day trips to top of pageto top of page
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