Countryside History and Heritage Walk.

If you have accommodation in Amsterdam, we start your countryside expedition at central station with a short 15 minute train ride. Otherwise we arrange another meeting point.


The Netherlands are a very urban country. So, don't expect endless empty rural spaces in this countryside just outside Amsterdam.
Still, this walk will give you a very good impression of the traditional landscape of Holland, and how it was created by man. With the wide open green polders, these low lying green pastures intersected symmetrically by ditches and canals. The old sea dike protecting it all. Beyond the dike, what remains of the former Southern Sea, still a huge lake with fairly recent new made land on the horizon.
As the region has been strategically essential to protect Amsterdam, we'll see defence structures from medieval times to Second World War. And we'll visit one of the fortified towns in the region as well.
A practical point : as the walk will go partly over non paved footpaths, expect muddy terrain !
For the general outline and purpose of my walks, please see main page History Walks.
More pictures of a countryside walk on page Countryside Photo.

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