History and Heritage Walks - Overview.

A private guided walk in the old centre of Amsterdam, Leiden, or in other historical cities. Also possible in the countryside. Not in the crowd, but exclusively for you, tailored for you, at your pace. Learning about general backgrounds of Dutch history and culture, linked with what you can see of it while we walk. Telling very real stories of people who once lived here, with a focus on daily life, and pictures to help you visualise. Such a tour is far more than seightseeing, it's really understanding the place. A high quality walk like this is not just great fun, it is rewarding in a practical sense as well.
Because not only will it put your visit in a new perspective, I can also give you first hand information on things to do and to see, and on what's happening in the country today.
Very useful, especially at the start of your stay. As a visitor noted : (click on text in red for full review)
"We spent several more days in the city on our own, knowing what we were seeing and feeling comfortable navigating on our own. Your introduction gave so much more depth to our understanding of Holland - its history and its people. "
B. H. - Moorestown / New Jersey, USA More comments and reviews of guests in Feedback. We can have a history and culture walk anywhere in the Netherlands.
However, here are a few practical suggestions.
Click on the images and highlighted titles for more details. Amsterdam walk views Amsterdam Walk :
if you want to discover more than the obvious Amsterdam highlights, a private walk will bring you to unexpected places. You'll get loads of background information on history and culture, and very true stories of events and people.
The Amsterdam & USA walk focusses on locations that played a role in the early history of the United States. Leiden walk views Leiden Walk :
only half an hour by train from Amsterdam, the town of Leiden is a relatively unknown jewel. A very intact historical centre within the 17th century ramparts, the oldest university in the country and magnificent museums. More relaxed and far less crowded than Amsterdam can be at times, Leiden is perfect for a day trip (and more). Walks in other towns are also possible. See other cities. countryside walk view Countryside Walk :
it's outside the cities you can really see how this country was made. Walking on the dike, enjoying the wide open space of the green polders and the water. The walk I propose will also lead you along a medieval castle and fortifications of more recent times. Rembrandt self portraits Rembrandt Walk :
following the footsteps of the great painter. In Amsterdam or his hometown Leiden, or in both cities. flyer history walks day trips to top of pageto top of page
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