Layover or Stopover at Amsterdam Airport ?

If you have a stopover or layover of a couple of hours at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, there may be a few unexpected things you can do if you're interested in history, culture and heritage of the Netherlands. And if you're in for a bit of fresh air and exercise, away from the airport.
Consider that the old centre of Amsterdam is only 20 minutes away. So is the beautiful old university town of Leiden. Perfect for a history walk.
While only half an hour after leaving the airport you can be on a bicycle, and start your bike trip in the countryside.


A relaxed guided city walk in the historical centres of Amsterdam or Leiden is perfectly possible if you can get away from the airport for 3 hours, or more.
For a guided countryside walk or bicycle trip in the country you should count at least 4 hours away from the airport. The bike trip will not be that long, but you'll agree it is wise to keep a comfortable safety margin here.
(The global duration of your stopover outing can be shorter, but you know the train logistics now. I'd say a city walk or bike trip of an hour or so is certainly worth considering.)

Naturally you can adventure on your own. But if you have limited time, and don't want to worry or stress, a fully guided tour is much safer. Just consider the advantages :
- pick up at airport possible,
- train tickets arranged for you,
- bike and eventual other logistics arranged and ready for you,
- private guiding and full support to make sure everything goes well, and in time.
The overall advantages of a personalised trip are even more important in this situation, with limited time. A good knowledge of local logistics and possibilities being pretty essential for the success of your expedition.
A city walk is a year round thing to do.
For a bike trip we have to consider the time of year and the weather. When you inform, you'll get a fair and unbiased advice.
Prices and conditions are the same as for a regular city walk and a half day bike trip. See rates.
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For your information : at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport there's a dependance of the Rijksmuseum. Always worth a visit, be it brief. Entrance for FREE !

The airport also provides excellent and unexpensive freshen up facilities and showers in the passengers-only section.


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