History research & advice.

Practical research for film, television, video games, publications, ... Over the years I collected massive amounts of information, and images, related to history, culture and heritage. Good chance that what you're looking for is already in my archives.
And if not, I generally know where to look for it. Being a graduate of Amsterdam School of the Arts, I worked for over two decades in media production, and know the ropes. A practical advantage. My field of interest is wide, but I'm truly fascinated by daily life in history.
What people did, and how. What did it look and feel like ?
Trying to piece things together. Although my focus is on the Low Countries, I take a broad view on European history. So, for high quality content, allow me to help you. Far more efficient than doing it yourself, and much faster.
Historical research examples :
  • Media projects, feature film, video game or documentary.
  • Backgrounds or historical introduction for news items.
  • Book publications or articles.
  • History & heritage related content for tourism.
  • ........ I'm sure you have plenty more ideas I simply didn't think of.
Also, if you're looking for history related locations I may be able to give advice and suggestions. Never hurts to check the possibilities, so for whatever question, please feel free to get in touch. You can also follow on Twitter twitter  and linkedin historical research in Holland

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