Other ways to help you discover the Netherlands.

A bicycle trip and a guided walk remain the most thorough ways to see for yourself what makes this country special. But for an introduction to Dutch history and culture, there are more possibilities.

  • Educational programmes..
    More day programs for groups or schools. Content flexible.
    See page Educational.
  • Lecture or presentation.
    Especially at the beginning of your stay, an introduction to the history and culture of the Netherlands can be very valuable. It will most certainly put your visit in a new perspective. And it is of course also an information and planning opportunity.
    Can take place informally over a drink in or somewhere near your accommodation. Count about 1 - 2 hours.
    See page Lecture.
  • Historical Research.
    for the media, film, documentary, TV. Publications, also content for tourism.
    See page Research.
  • Cooking.
    Cook your own traditional or historical Dutch meal. And eat it.
    See page Cooking and Baking.
  • Expat/Newcomer.
    Introduction to the Netherlands for people who plan to stay here longer.
    See page Expats and Newcomers .
  • Business trips.
    Introduction to Dutch (business) customs and etiquette. Trips for company staff and guests.
    See page For business, it never hurts to ... .
  • Practical advice and help.
    If you have one or two simple questions in my field, that's for free. Don't hesitate to send a mail.
    For more extensive information, travel preparation and advice, I can help you as well, and charge the time it takes me by the hour.
    This also applies to research for travel programs, trade and business.
  • All options above are bound to be different and specific. So please send a mail with your wishes, and I'll make you a proposal. Holland You can also follow on Twitter twitter and linkedin

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