What makes my tours different :
content, flexibility, made-to-measure.

My main activity is history research.
That reflects on my tours. They're always different, never routine.
And very private - no groups.
  • Content. Naturally, I do not intend to avoid the famous highlights. But also, with any tour, we'll discover a multitude of places unmentioned in the guidebooks.
    Places with a story. People's history. Not the bricks and the stones only. As explained elsewhere on this website, Holland is the result of a 1000 years of (water) engineering. Survival was always fully dependant on the decisions of people. And people are bound to make mistakes. In the past, today, and I reckon in the future as well. The offer is to show you that fascinating story of these Low Countries by the sea during a history walk, a bicycle day trip or in other ways, like with a presentation or during a cooking session. For a better understanding of present day Holland, its culture and the people.
  • Flexibility. The Netherlands have a reputation of unsettled weather. Forecasts longer than a couple of days ahead remain hazardous, even with modern technology. While a rainy day can be unpleasant for a bike trip, that's no problem really for a walk in a historical city. Plenty of possibilities. We can simply adapt the way we're going to discover Dutch history & heritage to practical conditions and possibilities. By mutual agreement, of course.
  • Made-to-measure & personalized. You're very welcome to mention specific interests in advance.
    Or you can leave it all to me. You'll get the best of the day and the season. The essence is that any activity is just for you, your family, your party.
    Small scale. Nothing to do with "fast food industrial tourism". True, a tour with me will take you considerable time. Count on a full day: for a bike tour, a combination of walking and cycling, or visiting different places on foot. But what you get is a unique experience, focused on your interests. A day you sure will remember.
    See also feedback, what other guests had to say. Please feel free to check availabilities and tailor-made possibilities : contact.
  • Practical : a perfect start of your stay. One more point I would like to mention here. Because it has been brought up time and again by guests after we had met. They told me that this introduction to Holland had put the rest of their visit in a completely different, and richer, perspective. Also proved to be an ideal opportunity to get practical information, and suggestions for the rest of the visit to Holland. Simply very useful, especially of course at the beginning of a stay.
"We spent several more days in the city on our own, knowing what we were seeing and feeling comfortable navigating on our own. Your introduction gave so much more depth to our understanding of Holland - its history and its people."
John and Beverly Heusser - Moorestown / New Jersey, USA Please check feedback for more reviews of guests. cycling For a quick tour in pictures, you could flip through the photo pages. flyer history walks day trips flyer bicycle trips off-season discount

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