Experience Holland - a full day program

Make your own unique day with these ingredients :
  • A guided walk in the historic centre of Amsterdam (2-4 hrs)
  • A guided bicycle trip in countryside and fortified towns (1-6 hrs)
  • A guided walk in the countryside along dikes and medieval castle (2-3 hrs)
  • Homecooking a traditional Dutch evening meal. And eating it, of course.

Content fully flexible. Basically, Experience Holland comes down to this : you make your choice of the ingredients, plus you tell me what you're especially interested in.
I propose a personalized program. Taking into account time of year and weather, and practical availabilities of the day.
If you want to know what the possibilities are at this very moment, please send a mail.

A very special experience just for you, your family, or party (six people max.).
With lunch and traditional Dutch evening meal fully included.
For sure an active and entertaining day you will remember !
If you're staying in an accommodation with cooking facilities, we can also prepare a meal at your place.

this could be Holland

An "Experience Holland Day" is an ideal starter for your stay in Holland.
Also gives you plenty of time to check your travel plans with an experienced local.

About lunch: weather permitting a picnic. Bread rolls with various Dutch cheeses. Nothing exotic but pure and honest whole wheat bread made of flour from the local windmill.
To drink : Fruit juices and mineral water.

About evening meal: in winter the traditional Dutch kitchen consists of robust stews, or the trinity potatoes, meat, vegetables (of the season). Summer food is lighter.
There is some choice, so we can communicate on the menu in advance. Please mention particular dislikes, allergies or other food issues.
To drink : a glass of beer or wine, soft drinks. More on cooking session.

About country walk: largely non paved footpaths, so expect terrain to be muddy !

About bicycle trip: bike rental is included, but the rental is on your name. (As the rental shop asks for an ID and a refundable deposit for the bike.)
For thematic suggestions for bicycle day trips click here.
For pictures of what to expect on this day, see photo page.

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