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All tours & programs are prepared and carried out by me, Edmond, and are truly small scale and fully personalized. Nothing to do with "industrial" tourism. This overview may give the impression that I'm showing people around on a daily routine basis. That is not so.
My main occupation is history research. I just like variation and meeting people, that's all. For your information, the opinion and experiences of guests may be very relevant.
So, please do check feedback.
  • History & heritage walks :
    city walks in old Amsterdam or other towns, or in the countryside.
    Also special evening walks in Amsterdam and Leiden.
    Walks can start and end at your hotel in the centre of Amsterdam. Or at the passenger terminal for cruise ship passengers.
  • Bicycle day trips :
    in countryside and historical small towns just outside Amsterdam.
  • Private car tours :
    tailor-made full day tours to various parts of the country.
  • Combination tours :
    partly by car or train - partly cycling or walking. Combining the best options.
  • Layover - Stopover :
    if you can get away from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport for 3 hours or more.
  • Educational :
    a program of several days tailored to your interests or school curriculum.
  • Lecture :
    short introduction to history and culture of the Netherlands.
  • Research :
    for the media, film, documentary, TV. Publications, also content for tourism.
  • Cooking :
    cook your own traditional Dutch dinner, and eat it.
  • Expat & newcomer :
    for who plans to live in the Netherlands for a longer period of time.
  • Business trips :
    for who plans to do business with the Dutch.
More combinations or tailor made programs are possible. Please get in touch and send a mail with what you have in mind, and you'll receive a free specified proposal.
IDEA : Personalized advice.
Especially at the beginning of your stay an introduction to Dutch history and culture can be rewarding. Also an opportunity for tuning your travel and visit plans.
With any activity there's plenty of time for personalized advice.
IDEA : Flexibility.
With Dutch climate in mind, you might be hesitant to make a reservation. No need for worries. We fix the date, and can simply adapt the plans to the weather.
Optimal flexibility, one of the advantages of going on a private tour. traditional Holland

  For a quick tour in pictures, you could flip through the photo pages.

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