Amsterdam waterfront
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For images and more info on the Voicemap Walk "Old Amsterdam: A Walking Tour through the East Side and Jewish District", click on the image below. link to Amsterdam East Walk: old maritime and Jewish district Click here for this audio tour on Voicemap: "Old Amsterdam: A Walking Tour through the East Side and Jewish District".
VoiceMap tours user FAQ
How do VoiceMap tours work?
VoiceMap's audio tour app for iOS and Android uses your device's GPS to play audio automatically, at the right time and place. Just install the app and download your tour, then go to the starting point and begin your walk, drive, cycle, train trip or even boat ride. Do I need to follow a route, or can I start the tour anywhere I like?
Tours have a fixed starting point and follow a route to a fixed end location. This allows us to provide turn-by-turn-directions and improves the accuracy of automatic playback. It also helps tour publishers tell a better story, greater than the sum of its parts. But the VoiceMap app does have a Resume option, and this allows you to pick up a tour from the closest location and carry on with it whenever you like. Can I use tours more than once?
You can listen to your tours as often as you like using both the VoiceMap app and the VoiceMap website. Your access to tours doesn't expire. Can I listen to tours at home?
Yes! You don't need to travel to a tour's starting point to listen to it. In the VoiceMap app, just select Virtual mode on the screen that displays after you download the tour. You can also listen to the whole tour at How do I access a tour using the VoiceMap app if I purchase it through the VoiceMap website?
Once you've purchased a tour, it's added to your VoiceMap library. If you sign into the app using the same method you used at, you'll have access to your full library of tours. This works the other way too: if you make in-app purchases using the VoiceMap app, you can access these on the VoiceMap website. Can I give friends and family access to a tour I have purchased?
Tours are intended for a single person. If you're doing a tour with other people, each of them needs to purchase a copy, unless it's a driving tour and you're playing the tour through the car's soundsystem. Do I need mobile data to do a VoiceMap tour?
No, VoiceMap works entirely offline if there's no data connection, so you don't have to pay roaming fees. Just download the tour over WiFi before you get started.

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