A collection of links on the Netherlands, its history and culture, what to discover, and how. With a special focus on the relatively rural region just outside and southeast of Amsterdam.
Links to sites that are (partly) in English, unless mentioned otherwise. This page deals with the small town Weesp, just 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam Central. An ideal starting point for day trips in the region.


  •  : bike rental at the train station in Weesp. (in Dutch)
  • Two personal sites on Weesp, one from Denmark,, and a Dutch one (both in English)
  •  : Tourist Office in Weesp (Dutch only).
  •  : local history museum of Weesp in Town Hall, built 1776.
  •  : charming small private museum in Weesp on antique coin operated machines. All fully in working order for the visitors. Just for fun, no gambling.
    The place is having some problems, unfortunately. Perhaps closed or only visits by appointment. Please check website.
  • : Amsterdam, as a major trading city and capital, was protected by a city wall since the 15th century. Later by several lines of defence consisting of earthworks. The last line, build between about 1885 and 1914, is mostly intact: the Defence Line of Amsterdam. Its defensive works are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • : The Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie was a military line of defence that extended from the former Zuiderzee near Muiden to the Biesbosch (in the south of Holland). The line was established as a protective ring approximately 85 km long and 3-5 km wide.
    Weesp and Muiden are the only towns in Holland that are part of both defence lines.
  • : in the Second World War, the Germans build a very secret radar station between Weesp and Muiden. One of the first radars in the world. Remains can still be seen in the fields ; working and outline explained.
  • : about fort Uitermeer on bank river Vecht in Weesp. (in Dutch)
  •  : rent of flat-bottom open motorboats, capacity max 12 people, sail it yourself (in Dutch only).
  • : The "Jacobsschelp" is an historic sailing ship with base in Weesp ; can be hired (with skipper) for sailing trips. When not sailing also used as B & B.
  • : 4 hour mini cruises on river and canals around Weesp. (in Dutch)
  •  : tours in small old motor barge on (northern part of) river Vecht. (In Dutch)
  • : cheese making on farm in Weesp, probably more of a group activity. (in Dutch)
  •  : the only hotel in the centre of Weesp - also bike rental.
  •  : online source of information on Bed & Breakfast in the Netherlands. B&B listed in Weesp + in region (Nederhorst, Naarden, Bussum).
  • There are loads of cafés and restaurants in town, many with a terrace along river or canal. Two special places in Weesp :
  •  : very nice teagarden (and garden exhibit) in old fortification (1674). Tearoom, sandwiches and various cakes.
  •  : Ice-parlour, world famous in Holland (in Dutch).

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