Jacob Vrel - Dutch painter
Jacob Vrel : sober, and somewhat enigmatic. A preference for simple bare interiors with little action. Or sort of 17th century snapshots of everyday life in the street. Painted in a seemingly naïve style. In any case, intimate tranquil scenes. That's what characterizes Jacob Vrel. full size view painting at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam painting by Jacob Vrel painting by Jacob Vrel painting by Jacob Vrel paintings by Jacob Vrel Very little is known about the painter. Born around 1630, died after 1662.
Vrel worked probably in Delft and Haarlem. The only written sources are his signature on his paintings, small in number. painting by Jacob Vrel paintings by Jacob Vrel Jacob Vrel was not the only painter interested in portraying daily life. But he is pretty extreme in his bareness.
Other contemporaries like De Hoogh, Metsu, Boursse, Vermeer, and others, did the same, in their own individual way. Though generally their scenes were a bit cosier than Vrel's.
There was however no question of a school of painting. It's only much later that these painters were labelled the 17th century Dutch "intimists". Considering the number of paintings in existence, there clearly was a market for these everyday tranquil scenes as well.
Overall, Dutch 17th century production of paintings was gigantic and unparalleled.
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