windmill in early spring

Country sights: first signs of spring !

farm and snowdrops Mid February, and a few mild sunny days are enough for a first explosion of spring flowers, like the snowdrops on this picture. A farm house on the banks of the river Vecht. So close to Weesp that it is within (19th century) firing range of the bastions. The reason why it's timber, very unusual for these parts. Normally we use brick. But a wooden structure could be easily removed or even simply burned down to keep an open field of fire for the guns. Whenever you come across a wooden house or a farm like this in the Amsterdam countryside you can deduce there must be some sort of military position in the vicinity. Although very often you don't see it, there is or has been a fort or bunkers or an artillery position withing a couple hundred meters. Until way into the 20th century building in brick or stone was prohibited here. More images and info on Early Spring Bike Ride. to top of pageto top of page
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